James Knill



I am a visual artist. I enjoy working, exploring and expressing myself in either photography or oil painting.

I use photography as my medium to capture, to record and to preserve a timeless moment of existence from the physical world. Photography also allows me to express my viewpoint of the world around me, and to share my inner processing of the physical realm with others. I use my photography to document the world that was created by something that was not me.

Photography leaves me inspired with the desire to create my own world. With this inspiration, and through the utilization of oil paint, I create my own images on canvas. Oil painting allows me to have the freedom to express myself using a wide spectrum of approaches: sometimes I paint a representation that is a landscape and sometimes I paint so loosely that the picture itself becomes abstract.

When I paint landscapes, I am creating an imaginary environment that I would desire to photograph. When I paint abstracts I am exploring form, color and space .My abstract painting can be interpreted as an object or place that has been deconstructed to the point of almost becoming chaotic. Or vice versa, an abstract painting is the embodiment of chaos that is becoming orderly. Abstract painting is my exploration of the fine line between order and chaos, the line in between yin and yang.

My photography and oil paintings are available at :

 Amanda James Gallery412 E Ocean Ave, Boynton Beach, FL 33435

The Cornell Art Museum at Old School Square51 N Swinton Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33444